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AutoKrypt 11.09

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AutoKrypt 11.09

HitekSoftware AutoKrypt是一款自动化数据加密软件.可以对文件或者文件夹进行预定加密,加密模式可以是基于密码,基于秘密密钥,公开密钥和个人密钥,基于开放PGP密码,基于开放PGP公开密钥和个人密钥。

AutoKrypt 11.09 | MacOSX | 32 MB

Data encryption software designed for automation. Automatically encrypt or decrypt, files and folders on a schedule.


- The encryption module is a commandline wrapper around GnuPG.
- Tested on Windows, MacOSX, Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora)
- Encryption methods include:
- OpenPGP password encryption/decryption
- public/private key encryption/decryption
- key sign/verify
- key encrypt and sign/decrypt and verify
- Create profiles for each encryption method. Then use these profiles in Encryption tasks.
- The encryption and decryption tasks can automatically encrypt/decrypt based on filename or file timestamp.
- You can encrypt all files in an entire folder tree structure.
- Both original and encrypted/decrypted files can be backed up to other folders.
- Encrypted and Decrypted files can be renamed automatically using REGEX.
- Task scheduler allows you to schedule tasks, execute tasks as well as other software programs and applications. No programming or script knowledge is required.
- Email Notification for all tasks based on task exit code.
- Dynamic variables are supported for most tasks. Most tasks also generate variables which can be used in other tasks.
- Create advanced automation solutions using our tasks in conjunction with variables, directory/file monitors and our task chains.
- You can run all tasks from the commandline using a Task Runner feature.
- Task Runner feature allows you to run tasks from other programs.
- Commandline module is also available to allow you to control the software via SSH from a remote system.
- The engine that runs the tasks in the background can be run as a Windows Service or a Service on MacOSX and Linux.

OS - MacOSX 10.7 or Later
Home Page - http://www.hiteksoftware.com/autokrypt/data-encryption-software.htm

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