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Uartsy – Artistic Anatomy in ZBrush

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Title: Uartsy – Artistic Anatomy in ZBrush

Ryan Kingslien guides you along as you construct a human ecorche from the bones up. Ryan’s course is a goldmine of anatomical knowledge filled with helpful tips and tricks for sculpting human anatomy.

Every artist has tackled the complex structure of the human anatomy at some point in their career, the wondrous and intimidating system of bones and muscles have broken the most talented of artists, but Ryan Kinglsien will walk you through this legendary task and finally conquer it. Join Ryan as he guides you through every minimal and crucial detail of the human anatomy. Understand how to create anatomically correct figures and take your newly found gift of anatomy into motion, as you create dynamic sculpts. This course offers everything you need as an artist to truly understand anatomy and the joy surrounding it.

The 5 most important lessons:

Master human anatomy and create accurate bone and muscle structures in Zbrush.
Create strong, dynamic and anatomically correct figure sculpts.
Understand the major differences between male and female anatomy.
How to capture and utilize the freedom of anatomy to create believable sculpts.
Understand how muscles interact and relate to one another.

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