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Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 1 – The Symbols of Music

Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 1 - The Symbols of Music

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A Complete College-Level Music Theory Curriculum. This is Part 1: Reading Music & The Symbols of Music Notation
* Lectures 42
For years I've been teaching Music Theory in the college classroom. These classes use the same syllabus I've used in my college classes for years, at a fraction of the cost. I believe anyone can learn Music Theory - and cost shouldn't be a barrier.
*My approach to Music Theory
*Tools you will need to learn Music Theory quickly and efficiently
*Music software: Notation programs
*The elements of the Score
*Pitch Names
*Pitch Classes
*The White Keys
*The Black Keys (not the band!)
*Half-Steps and Whole-Steps
*Naming Octaves
* Identifying Notes on the Staff
*Identifying Notes on the Keyboard
*Beat and Beat Divisions
*Downbeats and Upbeats
*Dotted Rhythms
*Time Signatures
*Form in Music Notation
*…and much, much more!
*"Without a doubt the best explanation and east of use that one can get. It leaves you enough room to go explore. The classes go by quick, so you can be on your way at being proficient. What are you wait for!"
*"Amazing - Seriously Loved It! I took all his courses and have to say I'm so happy! Learnt loads! Jason is an awesome teacher!"
*"I have never had any formal training in music at all. Trying to learn all the notes and how everything translated was a serious challenge. After going through this class, Dr. J has totally brought down the barriers. The content was very useful and was easy to grasp for me."
*"I like these courses because you can get up and running quickly without having to spend hours of time wading through TMI (too much information!). Jason hits the high points but shows you what you need to know. Thanks!"
*"I've watched many other videos on scales and chords before, however, this one has been the best. I now understand minor scales and chords and even how to analyze songs. It really gave me the confidence to start producing music because I feel like I have some structure and guidelines to follow. AWESOME!"
*"Clear and Informative - Jason has a clear uncluttered style (with the important dashes of humor) of presentation that is focused on the important key aspects of this course. Recommended for those starting out!"
*"Dr. Allen does it again with his music theory series. This course really opened up everything I learned from the 1st section, and now I understand more about the composition side of things for music. I highly highly recommend this course to anyone!!! Really opened my eyes to many things I wasn't aware of."
*"The Best Teacher Ever, who makes you understand the ins & outs of Music Theory by all means without giving what you don't want to know."


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