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The Complete Guide to JavaScript Development

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The Complete Guide to JavaScript Development
14 Hrs | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 1.04GB
Genre: eLearning | English
Let's talk less and code more - 90% of the course is the coding of real projects
* Lectures 104
JavaScript is the world most popular and wildly used language for most web projects. It is a client-side programming language. Client-side means that the program code is sent into your computer with the rest of the web page code then, your browser reads the code and does what it says.
*Request to Instagram's API to grab user-details
*Functions to return user photos with tag dependency
*Function to insert comments to photo
*Function to return photo by hashtag
*Function to insert comments to photo

The Complete Guide to JavaScript Development

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  1. 让我们少说多练,本教程90%的代码都是来自于真实项目。 JavaScript是一门流行的用语web项目的编程语言。它是客户端的编程语言。客户端意味着程序代码通过网页发送到你的计算机上,然后你的浏览器读取和执行这些代码。教程通过对Instagram中照片的读取,演示JavaScript代码的使用。 主要内容:调用Instagram API抓取用户细节;基于标签返回用户图片;给照片插入评论;通过hashtag返回照片;
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