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CGCookie – Introduction to Python Scripting

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CGCookie - Introduction to Python Scripting
CGCookie - Introduction to Python Scripting
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Genre: Development / Programming

“Programming” is a scary word to many artists, bringing about thoughts of unintelligible code and mystery; but it needn’t be. With some basic scripting skills we can unlock an incredibly empowering tool-set that lets us do more than ever with Blender, even bending it to our will (to a degree). The world of programming is only scary because of the unknown, when in reality it’s much more simple than most realize and it will give you more control over the tools that you use.

This course is an introduction to Python scripting for Blender artists that focuses on how you can utilize the power of Python in Blender. From simple ideas like using Blender’s python console as a calculator to scripting a reusable tool (operator) that makes repetitive tasks easier for yourself. Python can be very powerful and it can benefit any Blender artist to know at least a little. By the end of this course you should be able to write a short script and even use Python to help create some artistic effects.

Python is the premier programming language used by CG artists,technical artists and technical directors in the animation and VFX industries. It is used to construct complex pipelines, write tools and setup characters. Most of the major 3D Graphics suites, including Blender, have support for Python scripting.

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