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Advanced IBM SPSS- Quantitative Techniques in Research

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Advanced IBM SPSS- Quantitative Techniques in Research

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Learn the basic to advanced skills required in quantitative research data analysis with newest version of IBM SPSS

This course is about advanced techniques required in the quantitative data analysis of business research through IBM- SPSS. This course is for all learners since it provides the understanding from basic to advanced techniques making it easier for a beginner and also a learner with the basic knowledge of SPSS.

Those students who want to master the techniques to use SPSS and carry out analysis of the research data can take this course. It has mainly 11 sections and the main concepts taught through out the sections are:

Basics of SPSS
Measure of Central Tendency
Advanced Learning- Data Analysis
Reliability Analysis
Demographic Analysis
Descriptive/ Normality
Factor Analysis
Regression- Linear and Multiple
Regression in the case of Mediation and Moderation
The course has helping material to understand the concepts better in the form of short notes and also the practice exercises at every step to master the skills required to perform analysis.

Advanced IBM SPSS- Quantitative Techniques in Research

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  1. 学习SPSS量化研究数据分析的基本到高级的技巧。 教程是关于使用SPSS做量化研究中所需要的高级技巧的。教程使用于从初级到高级的各个层面学习者。 教程分为11个部分,主要的概念在教学中会讲到:SPSS基础;集中趋势的测量方法;高级数据分析的学习;可靠性分析;人口分析;Descriptive/ Normality;因子分析;相关性;多元线性回归;调解与适度的回归;
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