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Drawing Vector Graphics: Hand Lettering

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Drawing Vector Graphics: Hand Lettering

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Genre: Video Tutorial / Typography

Typography and lettering are distinct yet intimately interwoven art forms. While typography relies on established fonts, lettering relies on the hand of an artist. However, since hand lettering, like typography, is usually destined for print or the web, it's critical for illustrators to be able to transform their letterform drawings into pristine vector graphics. In this installment of Drawing Vector Graphics, Von Glitschka takes members through the entire creative process of hand lettering: starting with analog drawing tools, then using Adobe Illustrator to turn his drawings into vector graphics that can be further customized and scaled up or down. Von also introduces styling tips to create more compelling graphics and examples from some of the industry's best artists.

Topics include:
2m 2s
1m 36s
Exercise files
1. Hand Lettering 101
21m 55s
A drawn foundation
3m 43s
Helpful drawing supplies
3m 57s
Understanding lettering lingo
14m 15s
2. Drawing Letterforms
32m 24s
Making the initial rough drawing
7m 56s
Refining the drawing
5m 22s
Inking the final art
6m 26s
Virtually inking with the Adobe Draw app
12m 40s
3. Building Letterforms
33m 45s
Easy vector build methods
8m 4s
Finessing Bezier curves
8m 41s
Using inked art in Illustrator
7m 41s
Using Adobe Draw inked art in Illustrator
9m 19s
4. Style and Detailing Methods
2h 11m
Adding dimension
13m 4s
Nesting shapes
12m 3s
Shape recognition
8m 31s
Inlines, droplines, and drop shadows
15m 15s
Mixing up styles
11m 29s
Using tools to imitate a handmade look
19m 36s
Texturizing hand lettering
12m 11s
Overlap FX
16m 0s
Script lettering with the Width tool
10m 35s
Hand-lettering-usage examples
12m 26s
5. Inspiring Lettering Artists
21m 42s
Inspiring designer: Kathy Weller
4m 27s
Inspiring designer: Roberlan Borges
2m 33s
Inspiring designer: Ty Paulhus
4m 15s
Inspiring designer: Scott Biersack
3m 36s
Inspiring designer: Nicolas Fredrickson
2m 39s
Inspiring designer: Nikita Prokhorov
4m 12s
6. Type Revolution
29m 3s
Challenge one: Quote
1m 47s
Solution one: Quote
7m 6s
Challenge two: Nesting shapes
1m 32s
Solution two: Nesting shapes
5m 18s
Challenge three: Shape recognition
1m 18s
Solution three: Shape recognition
12m 2s
1m 33s
1m 33s

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