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Creating an InDesign Booklet Using XML

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Creating an InDesign Booklet Using XML

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Long documents can be difficult to design, but long, data-heavy documents are particularly daunting. Companies that produce directories, glossaries, and catalogs often choose to design them manually, copying and pasting content into an InDesign layout. But there's a better way. With InDesign and XML, your data-heavy designs can be almost effortless. By setting up an InDesign document with the correct tags, you can import XML data so that it flows into the document already formatted.
In these tutorials, Chad Chelius explains what XML is and then walks through the entire process in InDesign, from setting up the document and tagging the content, to cleaning the data and fine-tuning the layout. He also offers tips for saving your work in an InDesign template, to regenerate directories when new entries are added, update catalogs seasonally, etc. By the end of the course, you should be able to use this workflow to speed up data-heavy design jobs, big and small.
Topics include:
*What is XML?
*Transforming XML
*Displaying tag markers
*Setting up an InDesign document for XML import
*Creating styles
*Tagging content
*Mapping tags to styles
*Importing XML data in InDesign
*Applying master pages
*Creating a table of contents

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  1. 长文档不易设计,并且长并且数据量大的文档也是相当令人生畏的。制作目录、索引表和分类的企业经常选择手工设计,复制并粘贴内容到InDesign布局中。但是还有更好的方式。通过InDesign和XML,你的大量数据制作可以事半功倍。通过在InDesign中建立具有正确标签的稳定,你可以导入XML数据,这样其咎可以自然地形成格式好的文档了。在本教程中,Chad Chelius将会讲解何为XML,然后使用InDesign处理整个过程,从建立稳定和标记内容,清除数据以及调试布局。他还会对处理InDesign模板,当有新内容加入时重新生成目录以及经常更新目录等给出建议。学习完本教程中,你将可以使用这样的工作流加速大量数据量的设计工作。 主要内容:何为XML;转化XML;建立InDesign文档用于XML导入;创建样式;标签内容;将标签映射到样式;导入XML数据到InDesign;应用主页面;创建内容表。
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